Heed Media
There’s no doubt that Namon brings a fresh perspective to podcasting with a hint of “matter-of-fact."

CBS News Sunday Morning
"I don’t think of Carnegie Hall as Pop and R&B. I think of it as classical. So, to be here is mind blowing."

Empower Magazine
"...pursuing your passion is not just pursuit of a dream, it is your purpose; it is what you are supposed to do."

OutSmart Magazine
[Namon] Eugene makes a strong first step with “You Would Be Sure” on his self-proclaimed journey to become an American pop star.

The Houstonian

"I know what I create is very much less about me and more about the listener.”

@PimpLondon Loved the column and the audio piece, can't wait for the next!

@SarahDPearce I love the podcast.

@ErinSalay  [❤️] the audio piece

@agenuineDIAMOND you would be sure is stuck in my head [😜] lol I played it for my mom earlier and she loves it as much as I do!

@AudreyOfNY I like your song [😭] [😭] [😭]

@MoshMoses I heard the song, love it!

@JaCobyTubbsVOS GREAT music! You're bringing the much appreciated soul feeling back.

@LoveSequel I love your song so much!!!!! [💃] [😄] [💖]

@evoluciane Summer hit

​​@kaycee.flores Swear, every time this song comes on, I have to replay it at least twice more! Love it.

​​@officialcspear Go jam it, damn it.